DEET-FREE Insect Repellent
•12 hour protection against mosquitoes and ticks
•10 hour protection against black flies
Highly Effective
•Can be used on children as young as 6 months
•Non-scented, non-allergenic
Great for the Whole Family
•Non-greasy, non-sticky
•Won’t damage plastics, synthetics, or fishing line

Icaridin (also known as Picaridin) is the common name of the compound Hydroxyethyl Isobutyl Piperidine Carboxylate that is used in topical insect repellents. It is a synthetic replica of the natural compound piperine, found in pepper plants. It is an odourless and almost colourless liquid. Icaridin is known as an effective insect repellent.

Icaridin repels insects and makes them less likely to bite. It works in the same way as DEET by blocking the insect’s sense of smell to the presence of humans.

When used as directed, Icaridin 20% can  be used by adults and children 6 months and older. Icaridin is virtually odourless and its non-greasy formulation is gentle on the skin. Irritation and allergic reactions are very uncommon. Icaridin-based products have low acute toxicity by all routes.

Yes. Sunscreen should be applied first. Wait 20-30 minutes before applying Icaridin.

According to the US National Pesticide Information Center, scientists have found Icaridin in wastewater going into treatment plants but not in water that had been treated. Scientific findings suggest that Icaridin will bind to soil, where bacteria will break it down. Icaridin isn’t likely to end up in ground water based on its physical properties and how it is used.

Yes, they are just different trade names of the same compound – Hydroxyethyl Isobutyl Piperidine Carboxylate (often abbreviated to Piperidine or Piperidine Caroxylate in ingredient lists).

Care Plus™ Icaridin is the brand name of an insect repellent that contains 20% of the active ingredient Icaridin.

The brand Care Plus™ is the market leader in insect repellents and travel health protection in Europe.

It is now available in Canada.

Icaridin works very well against mosquitoes, ticks and black flies.

Research indicates that Icaridin 20% is as good as, or better than DEET 30% in repelling mosquitoes, ticks, black flies and other biting insects.

And, it’s safe to use on children as young as 6 months.

Icaridin provides long lasting protection of up to 12 hours for Icaridin 20%.

By comparison, DEET provides up to 6 hours for DEET 30%.

While DEET has been around for over 50 years, Icaridin is a relative newcomer in North America, entering the U.S. market in 2005 and approved by Health Canada in 2012.

In Europe, where Icaridin has been available for over 25 years, it is the best -selling insect repellent.

It was developed in the 1980s by Bayer, a multinational German pharmaceutical company, and given the trade name Bayrepel. In 2005, Bayer created a new company (Saltigo) for its Icaridin business and a new trade name (Saltidin).